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Visitor Visa - Australia
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    The documents you must attach to your Australian tourist visa application include:

    • Your passport.
    • A copy of your passport’s identity page.
    • The Visitor Visa Subclass 600 Form.
    • A recent picture of yourself. It must have a white background and you must be clearly and fully visible.
    • Proof you can sustain yourself financially while you are in Australia. You must include your bank statements or a letter from your sponsor claiming they will help cover your finances during your visit.
    • Proof you have travel health insurance.
    • Letter from your employer (if applicable). It must state the requested time of leave and when you intend to return.
    • Letter from your school (if applicable). The letter must prove your enrollment and when you are expected to return.
    • Letter of Invitation (if applicable). If you have a family member or a friend in Australia who can sponsor you, they must write you a letter of invitation. The letter must include the relation between the two of you, the duration of your stay, whether you will stay with them, and what you intend to do during your visit.
    • If you have a sponsor in Australia: your sponsor has to pay a security bond, which will be returned to them after you leave Australia.
    • If travelling to get medical treatment: a letter from your doctor and hospital in Australia stating the details of your condition and the type of treatment you will receive.
    • Completed Form 1257 and Form 1229, if the applicant is underage and will be in Australia with someone other than their parent/guardian or is travelling alone.
    • Proof of accommodation in Australia, such as hotel reservations or rental contracts.
    • Proof of booked flight tickets and a complete travel itinerary.
    • Evidence that you will return to your home country before the visa expires.
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