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Why Choose PJ International
We Traditional Agents
We hold first-tier recruitment agency contracts authorized by various New Zealand institutions, providing us with the latest and most comprehensive information on immigration policies. Resource Advantage They may not have direct partnerships with institutions and could be secondary or multi-level agents, leading to delayed information access.
100% of our study planners have overseas study backgrounds, and 80% hold undergraduate or higher degrees. They offer well-rounded assistance, helping clients understand and resolve issues during the study process. Study Planning Qualifications and educational backgrounds of study consultants can vary widely, and some may not have personal experience in New Zealand, lacking a genuine understanding of overseas living.
Our licensed consultants conduct accurate evaluations and guidance for visa documentation, ensuring a high approval rate. Visa Preparation Unqualified consultants may struggle to review visa documentation, resulting in a high rejection rate.
Comprehensive pre-departure preparations, early assistance with course selection and enrollment materials, and assistance with flight bookings. Our local high-end enterprises provide intimate post-arrival support, ensuring worry-free living for clients studying in New Zealand. Post-Arrival Services They may offer minimal guidance for pre-departure preparations and often lack robust post-arrival support.

High-Quality Team

PJInternational's professional consultants rigorously ensure the quality of applications, resulting in a high success rate to help you smoothly navigate your journey.

Personalized Service

PJ International tailors inspection itineraries for clients, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge of New Zealand.

Government Communication

PJ International maintains close contact with New Zealand government departments, staying updated on immigration policies in real-time, making it easier for you to obtain residency status.

Settlement Services

PJ International offers thoughtful post-arrival services to ensure your worry-free settlement overseas.

What sets PJ International apart from traditional study and immigration companies is that as a high-end quality service platform, our consultant team possesses the latest and most comprehensive knowledge of New Zealand’s immigration and study policies.

From custom-tailored professional consulting and planning in the initial stages to communication and negotiation in the later stages of study and immigration, PJ International helps clients prepare the most reasonable and efficient path for their study and immigration journey.

PJ International also specializes in the field of business immigration, providing the most suitable investment immigration solutions for Investor Category 1 and Investor Category 2 clients. As a local high-end enterprise, our attentive post-arrival support ensures that clients can settle comfortably in New Zealand without worries.